The Purge in China — For a few hours, China’s netizens got to unleash their wrath on their government

Original image from Internet of Business
Source: @ThisIsWenhao on Twitter

The propaganda didn’t work thanks to the Chinese netizens’ wit.

Roughly translated to: #UShastheworsthumanrights# late retirement, 996 work culture, insane housing prices, crazy interests, low income, China definitely has the best human rights! (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)
Roughly translated to: #UShastheworsthumanrights# Doesn’t matter that we seal people’s doors, kill pets, waste medical resources which led to the death of many people who didn’t get treatment in time. We have the lowest death count at 0! (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)

Some even intentionally replaced “China” with “US” in their satirical remarks —

Roughly translated to: #UShastheworsthumanrights# Exactly! Women in America are locked in the homes they paid for just so they can give birth to 8 children. Americans have a 996 work culture with no manpower laws nor workers’ unions. Americans have to pay exorbitant rents, to the extent that their own citizens can’t afford their own meals after paying for their rent. The American government is the worst, they are too scary! Thank goodness I was born in China! (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)

Of course, there were also netters who chose to be more direct —

Roughly translated to: #UShastheworsthumanrights# Look into the mirror to see how you have been treating your own citizens! Look at American reports, Chinese citizens were deprived of food and medicine, did you know Americans didn’t have to pay for COVID treatment? Others have already began to coexist with the virus. The Chinese government is shameless, we are the most authoritarian, most deprived of human rights in the world! (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)

Even those who held negative views of the US laughed at state’s clumsy attempt at trying to redirect their attention.

Roughly translated to: #UShastheworsthumanrights# hahaha although the US is quite a hypocritical nation, your shenanigan at this time… let’s not pretend that we’re that great either ya? (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)

However, Chinese netizens were not wavered.

Roughly translated to: #ShanghaiinvestigatesCOVIDrumours# US retracted that hashtag so quickly. No wonder they are so good at cyber warfare. China baby can’t compete with them! I’m so angry! (Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter)
Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter

1–0 to the people!

Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter
Image source: @ThisisWenhao on Twitter




Just another girl in Singapore

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Tanveet Kaur

Tanveet Kaur

Just another girl in Singapore

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